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How to help during Covid-19

From producing and donating much needed PPE to volunteering in local communities, the University’s staff, students and alumni have come together in different ways to respond to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. We know many of our former students and supporters would like to contribute too, so here are just some of the ways you can get involved.  

The Covid-19 Partnerships Fund 

We have set up our Covid-19 Partnerships Fund to support students facing hardship because of Covid-19, support the University’s research response and support projects helping the most vulnerable in the Edinburgh community. 

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Help our researchers 

Research staff and students at the University are engaged in a very wide range of research on the COVID-19 pandemic. This research includes laboratory work to understand the virus better and develop tests and treatments, exploring how information from data can help us understand public health and clinical care and understanding the impacts of the pandemic and responses on many communities. 

Covid-19 survey

University researchers are looking for volunteers to complete an online survey about how Covid-19 is affecting people’s lives.

Take part in the survey.


A separate survey aims to assess the impact of the pandemic on young people aged 12-17.

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Save lives from your sofa by filling in a monthly Covid-19 survey — anyone over the age of 16 who lives in the UK can take part in CovidenceUK, led by Professor Aziz Sheikh of the Usher Institute.

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Investigating the psychological impact of Covid-19 on people with asthma

If you have asthma, help researchers explore the psychological effect that the COVID-19 pandemic is having on people with asthma.

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Join Coronagenes: help us beat Covid-19 by finding out why some people get sick and some don't. Uploading your DNA home test data can speed up Covid-19 genetic research. If you haven’t got any DNA home test data, don’t worry, we'd still like you to join.

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Enhance your understanding of Covid-19 

Our experts have been taking an active role in educating the public on the Covid-19 pandemic in the media and through a number of public engagement activities.  

The Usher Institute has been running a series of weekly webinars which are available to watch on YouTube.

Find out more.

Edinburgh Infectious Diseases has also been hosting public-facing virtual workshops and webinars.

Visit the website to access them.

Share resources 

The University launched free educational resources for anyone working in healthcare to access. Please share the link to our Covid-19 Critical Care online course for anyone who would benefit from that.  

Share the Covid-19 Critical Care MOOC

Tell us your story 

Talking about our experiences helps us all feel better connected, so wherever you are in the world, whatever you have been doing during Covid-19, we’d like to hear about it for our new Sharing Things blog.  

Let people know we’re ready for teaching  

In such uncertain times, we want to reassure our students and joining students that the University of Edinburgh will be open in September.  

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