Edinburgh University Club of Toronto (EDUCT)


We raise funds to support students who are not financially able to consider Edinburgh in their educational plans, postgraduate students at the Institute of Geography and the J. Wreford Watson Lecture Series.

EDUCT Decennial Endowment Fund

During our first decade we thrived and the club grew to over 100 active members. Today we have over 150. To celebrate our first ten years, we arranged with the University to set up the EDUCT Decennial Fund.

We were successful in raising our initial target of £100,000 which created a permanently endowed fund. Today the fund stands at over £224,000. It remains open for further donations. The object of this fund is to provide an annual scholarship to three undergraduate students who might otherwise struggle financially to attend Edinburgh.

EDUCT Geography Centenary Fund

In 2008, to celebrate the Centenary of the Institute of Geography (formerly the Department) at Edinburgh, we hosted Professor Charles Withers, then Head of Geography, for a talk in Toronto.  We also launched the EDUCT Geography Centenary Fund.  The Fund remains open. Today, we have an endowment fund valued at over £116,000.

The Fund provides support for:

  • postgraduate students at the Institute of Geography
  • the J. Wreford Watson Lecture Series that honours the well-known Canadian who held a Chair in Geography at Edinburgh from 1954 to 1982.

We would like to see the endowment continue to grow to enable more support for more students.

Making a donation

Both funds remain open and you can make a contribution via the following ways dependent on where you live. 

How can Canadian alumni and friends contribute?

You can send a cheque or your credit card details directly to the University.

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Income tax relief

The University will issue a receipt for your donation. You submit this with your Canadian income tax return. It will be treated by the CRA in exactly the same way as a donation to a Canadian charity. This will reduce the amount of income tax you might otherwise pay. If you are in the top tax bracket, you will get 43 cents back for every dollar you donate.

US alumni and friends

Your form and donation should be sent to the address on the form to ensure you receive the tax receipt to be sent to the IRS with your income tax return.

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UK-based alumni and friends

Your form and donation should be sent directly to the University at the address on the form.

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If you have questions, please contact Simon Miles, in Toronto, at 416-466-8793, or at simon-miles@sympatico.ca