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Oh the places you'll go

In a special edition of the podcast, we have brought together a selection of the places that our Multi Story Edinburgh guests drew comfort and inspiration from.

Our special places

Multi Story Edinburgh is about sharing stories, finding comfort in the fact that there are always people with thinking like us, going through the same things, and having to make the same decisions. Each episode is a snapshot of a person and a moment. But each episode also includes something else, something unique and personal. This Christmas, we decided to draw together a selection of these moments, and celebrate our graduates by sharing the places that have inspired and nourished them over the past two years.

Oh the places you'll go
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This episode features graduates from 2021 and 2020 and includes the special places of Emma, Rosie, Tommie, Victoria, Sara, Lauryn, Madhu, Sheela, Marc, Lucia, Tim, Kirsty, Sarah, Alex, Joanna, Michael and Maddy. Thank you for sharing the special and the personal with us.

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Multi Story Edinburgh, the podcast

Multi Story Edinburgh podcast
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Over the past 18 months we have talked to guests from the classes of 2020 and 2021 and talked candidly about their experiences and their hopes for the future.

You can listen to all the episodes by searching 'Multi Story Edinburgh' on your preferred podcast platform. You can also stream the episodes online.

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