Resources for new graduates


Find out more about how our newest graduates see the world, their experiences and life after university by listening to a collection of 6 episodes from 2020 and 2021.

Rosie - Class of 2020

We meet English and Scottish Literature graduate, Rosie and chat about being impulsive, not being in a race and meeting at the bench.

Listen to Rosie

Marc - Class of 2020

We meet Religious Studies graduate Marc and chat about comfort zones, inter-religious dialogue and shared spaces.

Listen to Marc

Struan - Class of 2020

We meet Physiology graduate Struan and chat about being a people person, loving the lab and the joy of a commute.

Listen to Struan

Lauryn - Class of 2021

We meet Maths graduate Lauryn and chat about journaling, the big picture and whether fourth year actually happened.

Listen to Lauryn

Sheela - Class of 2021

We meet Geography graduate Sheela and chat about living your core values, postponing adult life and pushing out of comfort zones.

Listen to Sheela

Sarah - Class of 2021

We meet Sarah who completed her MSc in Carbon Management and chat perseverance, passion and why it is good to share.

Listen to Sarah

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