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Season 3 - Back to the future

In season 3 of the Multi Story Edinburgh podcast we chat to graduates about going back. Why do we return? Is it about giving something back or rethinking our relationship with the past?

Back to the beginning or back to the future? 

Multi Story Edinburgh podcast S3
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Multi Story Edinburgh is about sharing stories, finding comfort in the fact that there are always people thinking like us, going through the same things, and having to make the same decisions. Each episode is a snapshot of a person and a moment.

In Season 3 we chat to graduates about going back. Whether it is returning home after graduation, returning to Edinburgh after adventures elsewhere, or just returning to a place that felt like the past but turned out to be the future. 

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S3 - Episode 1

Martel Maxwell


In this episode we meet 1990s Law graduate Martel Maxwell and chat about Disney movie moments, proving yourself and the changing face of Dundee. 

Martel Maxwell is a Scottish journalist, writer, radio and television presenter. Since 2017, she has co-presented the property show Homes Under the Hammer.

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S3 - Episode 2

Barav Barzani


In this episode we meet 2020 International Relations graduate Barav Barzani and chat recalibration, national belonging and having no friends but the mountains. 

Originally from Iraqi Kurdistan, Barav Barzani came to Edinburgh to study International Relations. Now back in the capital Erbil, he is keen to start on a career in local government.

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S3 - Episode 3

Laura Westring


In this episode we meet Modern European Languages and EU Studies graduate Laura Westring and talk about becoming local, leaving footprints and seeking out family and familiarity. 

Laura Westring is a writer, speech writing instructor and senior strategic communications and culture manager at Amiqus, a tech for good company.

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S3 - Episode 4

Laurence Heron


In this episode we meet 1980s Biology graduate Laurence Heron and chat nostalgic desire, evaluating life, and a series of chance events. 

Laurence Heron is a business coach and mentor who is dedicated to helping Edinburgh businesses grow and prosper. Utilising 30 years successful experience within the corporate sector and running his own businesses worldwide he enjoys helping others achieve business excellence.

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S3 - Episode 5

Ashank Chandra


 In this episode we meet 2019 English graduate Ashank Chandra and chat spontaneity, silver linings, and dealing with external expectations.

Ashank Chandra is a professional trainer and facilitator working in the ESL field. He is particularly interested in the relationship between the brain and language learning, language rules, and how children and adults learn unconsciously. 

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S3 - Episode 6

Vivian Maeda headshot


In this episode we meet 2010 MBA graduate Vivian Maeda and chat about coping with change, knowing when things feel right and not having ten kids. 

Vivian is a Relationship Manager at Business in the Community Scotland. Originally from Brazil, Vivian's first experience of Scotland was a semester at the University of St Andrews where she immediately felt like she belonged. She is now back in her adopted homeland and enjoying life in coastal Fife.

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S3 - Episode 7

Asad Kamran image


In this episode we meet 2018 Architecture graduate Asad Kamran and chat about the essence of home, channelling pressure and saying something as an artist. 

Asad is a multi-disciplinary artist. He has exhibited work in Pakistan and internationally. He is also the founder of Cinema 73, which is a trans-disciplinary community cinema in Karachi.

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S3 - Episode 8

Hannah Foley


In this episode we meet Illustration graduate Hannah Foley and chat troublesome travels, hiraeth, and what it is to be indigenous.

Hannah is an author, illustrator and specialist nurse for people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). She grew up in a tiny redbrick, terrace house in the Southwest of England. She went away but now she is back.

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S3 - Episode 9

Michael Weinberger


In this episode we meet 2015 Law graduate Michael Weinberger and chat reverse culture shock, the Scottish work ethic, and another London. 

After studying law in Edinburgh and Frankfurt, Michael is now back home helping businesses seeking growth in Canada. He advises in English, Spanish, French, and German. 

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S3 - Episode 10

Sylvia Klauser


In this episode we meet 2002 Theology and Ethics graduate Sylvia Klauser and chat about having a calling, learning as a pathway, and being true to your adult self. 

Sylvia Klauser is a Medical Ethics and Spiritual Care Specialist who has worked in the hospital and health care industry. She is not back in the traditional sense of being back home, but she is back.

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Multi Story Edinburgh, the podcast

Multi Story Edinburgh podcast
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Over the past 18 months we have talked to guests from the classes of 2020 and 2021 and talked candidly about their experiences and their hopes for the future.

You can listen to all the episodes by searching 'Multi Story Edinburgh' on your preferred podcast platform. You can also stream the episodes online.

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