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Season 1 - Class of 2020

So how were things for our 2020 graduates? What did they learn and what helped?

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These episodes were published between October 2000 and April 2021 and are a collection of the experiences, reflections and insights of our graduates. There is much wisdom in here and lots of really good advice.

Published April 2021

1.32 - Struan

Being a people person, loving the lab and the joy of a commute.

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1.31 - Sydney

Motherhood, brain reactivation and leaving Edinburgh.

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1.30 - Finn

Disrupting elite networks, belonging and radical optimism.

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1.29 - Alex

Prioritising mental health, comfort zones and tentatively planning.

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1.28 - Maria

Bilingualism, mood boosting and feeling homesick.

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Published March 2021

1.27 - Zain

Apprehension, being part of a team and promoting greater understanding.

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1.26 - Celia

Uncertainty, the need for control and the joy of green spaces.

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1.25 - Hannah

Being stranded in Australia, feeling supported and yearning for dinner parties.

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1.24 - Matthieu

Hiding behind a uniform, making a difference and how everyone should be a nurse.

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1.23 - Elson

New perspectives, family understanding and taking time to reflect.

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Published February 2021

1.18 - Tommie

YouTube fame, avoiding accountancy and Bible accurate angels.

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1.19 - Kirsty

Working with young people, understanding difference and moving on.

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1.20 - Marcus

Leaving home, extended conversation and embracing the bigger picture.

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1.21 - Joanna

Digital limitations, togetherness and connecting with joy.

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1.22 - Marc

Comfort zones, inter-religious dialogue and shared spaces.

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Published January 2021

1.16 - Róisín

Football, peaks and troughs and human interaction.

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1.17 - Multi Story Edinburgh Mix - Class of 2020

In this special episode we decided to reflect and look back. What have we learnt from 2020 that will help us better prepare for whatever 2021 has in store? Welcome to our season one mix, the bits that made us think. 

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Published December 2020

1.11 - Lucía

Being a lost sheep, adapting to circumstances and becoming a more rounded person.

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1.12 - Ayah-Sofia

Re-evaluating plans, a calm introduction to London and mystery heights.

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1.13 - Jay

Missing Edinburgh, learning on the job and finishing your degree in a garden shed.

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1.14 - Amelea

Support networks, coping with adversity and the best apple pie.

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1.15 - Andrew

Living your values, why the private sector get first dibs and the draw of Taiwan.

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Published November 2020

1.6 - Mary

The brain, learning about yourself and feeling proud.

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1.7 - Khalid

Dundee love, not being in Fiji and a unique vantage point.

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1.8 - Marco

Personal development, facing down negativity and thinking big.

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1.9 - Emer

Finding your headspace, taking time to think and conversations with friends.

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1.10 - Daniel

Following your heart, lockdown employment and having a superhero sister.

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Published October 2020

1.1 - Rosie

Being impulsive, not being in a race and meeting at the bench.

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1.2 - Angharad

Cultural differences, managing expectations, and special moments.

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1.3 - Lucja

Socialising online, lockdown hobbies and nature walks.

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1.4 - Sally

Being back home, overthinking and not saying goodbye.

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1.5 - Shirley

Inspiration, self awareness, and looking for opportunity.

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