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About the podcast

In season one we talked to our 2020 graduates about how things were going, or not going, for them.

Season 2 is a little bit of the same but quite a lot different. As the world emerges from pandemic paralysis, are our 2021 graduates feeling inspired or inhibited, glad or gloomy, chaotic or calm? In each episode we meet a different graduate and ask them to tell us their story and to share a place that is meaningful to them.

In season 3 we expanded our scope and decided to chat to a mix of graduates about returning to a place. Is going back a negative, an acceptance of defeat? Or does time and experience change our perspective and our priorities?

Are we back to normal yet? Find out in season 4 where we chat to our 2022 graduates.

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Season 4 - Class of 2022

Illustration of a woman with headphones, microphone and a mug. Text reads Multi Story Edinburgh, Class of 2022, S4.
In this season we talk to graduates from the class of 2022. How were things going? What did they learn, what helped and are we back to normal yet?

Season 3 - Back to the future

Multi Story Edinburgh podcast S3
In season 3 of the Multi Story Edinburgh podcast we chat to graduates about going back. Why do we return? Is it about giving something back or rethinking our relationship with the past?

Season 2 - Class of 2021

Multi Story Edinburgh podcast 2021
In season two we chat to guests from the class of 2021 and talk candidly about their experiences of the last year and their hopes for the future.

Season 1 - Class of 2020

Multi Story Edinburgh Podcast season one
So how were things for our 2020 graduates? What did they learn and what helped?

Oh the places you'll go

Oh the places you'll go
In a special edition of the podcast, we have brought together a selection of the places that our Multi Story Edinburgh guests drew comfort and inspiration from.

Tell us your story

We are keen that our new podcast presents the reality of the graduate experience. Get involved even if this isn’t really your thing. Your story is important and the more stories that we gather, the more that this becomes about you and not us.

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