Airborne Research and Innovation

Safety Management System (SMS)

To ensure flight safety at all times a Safety Management System (SMS) compliant with UK CAA and European regulations and guidance is established.

Alongside our colleagues within the School Health and Safety department we have established a CAA/EASA compliant SMS to cover both manned and unmanned aircraft operations as well as any other acitvities that may have flight safety implications - specifically sensor integration and UAS platform development.


The SMS covers the activities of the following units within ARI:

  • Light Aircraft (Research) Operations (LAROPS)
  • UAS Operations (UAS-Ops)
  • Airborne Sensor Laboratory (ASL)
  • UAS Development Laboratory (UDL)



The SMS applies to all operations conducted  by or on behalf of the Airborne Research and Innovation facility. It shall also apply to anyone utilising facility equipment on a loan basis.



Our SMS and its associated documentation are maintained on our internal Sharepoint site at the link below. All staff, students and collaborating partners working with the facility in any role related to flight operations will be briefed on and provided access to the Safety Management System and all of its related documentation and processes.


Explore our Safety Management System on our Sharepoint site


Safety Policy

At the core of our safety management system, and underlying all of our operations, we establish a facility-wide Safety Policy.

Safety Reporting Procedures

All staff, students and collaborating partners are must please report all safety concerns, near misses, incidents and accidents through the reporting system established by our Safety Management System.