Airborne Research and Innovation

Operations Manuals

Operations Manuals are established for each of the key areas of operation within Airborne Research and Innovation.

Each of the main operational departments within the facility is (or will be, once complete) governed by its own Operations Manual.

The purpose of the Operations Manual is to establish procedures for conduct of the department's operations which are safe and compliant to the applicable regultions, as well as effective and efficient at delivering the facility's outputs. The development of each operations manual is therefore heavily guided by any regulatory requirement, as well as industry best practice and the ongoing oversight provided by our internal Safety Management System.

We have prioritised the development of manuals to cover those departments with the greatest safety implications, the tightest regulatory requirements, and the most current activity. manuals for other departments will follow as time and resources permit.

Our Operations Manuals are maintained on our internal Sharepoint site. All staff, students and collabortaing partners willbe briefed upon, and gievn acess to, the applicable operations manuals and processes relevent to their work.

Authorised users only:


Operations Manual - Light Aircraft (Research) Operations (LAROPS)

Operations Manual - Unmanned Aircraft Systems Operations (UAS-OPS)

Operations Manual - Airborne Data Lab (ADL)