Airborne Research and Innovation

Atmospheric Monitoring

With in-situ gas analysers and samples collected in flasks or bags, we are able to support studies of regional atmospheric chemistry and air mass evolution.

High-precision on board gas analysers, and air samples grabbed into flasks or bags for later analysis, can provide us with very accurate measurements of traces gas concentrations at various points and heights within the atmosphere.

Waves of cloud viewed from the Dimona
Standing waves of cloud, looking north to the highlands, as viewed from the ECO-Dimona during a sampling mission near Aberfeldy, Scotland.

Large numbers of such measurements, taken from various locations or at the same location over long periods of time, can help us study the changes taking place in the atmosphere and the processes, both natural and man made, that are influencing them.

Moorland fire viewed from the Dimona
Localised sources such as moorland fires create large spikes in trace gas concentrations that can be observed in our data miles downwind and many thousands of feet above.

We have been involved in a number of such studies, typically sampling from near ground level up to 10,000ft, as part of Europe-wide networks of measurements, and on smaller scales measuring the evolution of air masses as they pass across the landscape.