Airborne Research and Innovation

Light Aircraft Operations

Light aircraft make excellent platforms for scientific sensors and represent a highly efficient solution for landscape to regional scale research operations and atmospheric studies. We own and operate a Diamond ECO-Dimona aircraft with specialised features to support inter-disciplinary research.

Small crewed aircraft, or light aircraft, provide the ability to conduct research and survey operations at landscape to regional scales with minimal environmental impact.

By virtue of their ability to fly at relatively low speeds and altitudes with powerful sensors, such platforms are able to acquire data at exceptionally high spatial resolution, similar to that achievable by smaller drone systems but over vastly greater spatial scales.

ARI has management of the UoE's dedicated research aircraft, a Diamond HK36-TTC ECO-Dimona, which is fitted with a range of scientific sensors for survey and atmospheric studies. We are also able to coordinate access to third party platforms as may be required.

Diamond ECO-Dimona

An ECO Dimona aircraft on the ground
We own and operate a Diamond Hk36 TTC ECO-Dimona light aircraft as our primary manned research platform.

Third Party Platforms

view from the window of a Cessna aircraft of passing clouds
We are happy to coordinate and facilitate access to third party platforms for specialised aerial work worldwide.


Three people under a light aircraft wing doing maintenance work
Specialist, approved, engineering services are required both for continuing airworthiness (i.e. scheduled and unscheduled servicing) and for the implementation of modifications to support measuring systems.

Ground Facilities

the upper apron at fife airport
Our home base for aircraft operations is at Fife Airport near Glenrothes, with additional laboratory and office space on the Kings Buildings campus in Edinburgh.