Airborne Research and Innovation

Atmospheric Chemistry

Our atmospheric chemistry equipment allows us to measure the concentration, distribution, and movement of climatically important trace gases in the atmosphere.

Picarro G2301m

The G2310m 'Flight Ready' gas analyser installed on the ECO-Dimona provides very high precision in-situ carbon dioxide and methane measurements, as well as a supplementary humidity measurement.

Licor Li-7500 IRGA

The Li-7500 infra-red gas analyser provides fast response high frequency (20Hz) measurement of carbon dioxide, as well as an additional humidity measurement. The Li-7500 is installed as a part of the MET system on the ECO-Dimona.

Flask Sampling

Flask sampling systems may be used to grab samples during flight for later analysis for a very wide range of species. We have the ability to support two separate systems, one for temporary installation in the ECO-Dimona cabin, the other case mounted for flexible use in other light aircraft.

Tedlar Bag Sampling

Tedlar bags offer an excellent solution for grab sampling for later analysis of many species, being very light weight and space efficient. We have a partially developed bag sampling system for the ECO-Dimona, which would be capable of making up to 50 separate bag samples under automated control. Development of the system is currently on hold.