Airborne Research and Innovation

Airborne Research

ARI supports research across multiple disciplines employing a wide range of sensors on both manned and unmanned aircraft.

ARI supports a very wide range of scientific applications with a diverse inventory of sensor types and platforms.

From incredibly high resolution imagery at relatively small spatial scales, through to landscape and regional measurements, our fleet of both manned and unmanned aircraft aim to support measurements that shed light on the natural processes that shape our world, and to provide understanding that will allow us to live sustainably within our environment.

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The applications of airborne sensing are extremely diverse, but a number of the areas in which we commonly work are briefly outlined below along with some recent case studies.

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Application areas

Cockpit view of a North Wales peatland
The applications of airborne sensing are extremely diverse and are increasing all the time as new technologies become available.

Case Studies

A Mavic 3M drone above a wildflower margin
Some examples of recent work...

Publications, Media and Outreach

Dimona aircraft on ground display at an airshow
Some examples of recent publications and other outputs