Airborne Research and Innovation

Logging Systems

Logging and sensor interfaces for the MET system are provided by dedicated loggers, including an AEC 6612 Rev B computer and CSI CR1000 and CR3000 data-loggers.

Three data-loggers are employed to provide logging and control to the MET system sensors.

Digital Logging Unit (MET-DLU) Computer

The Digital Logging Unit computer (DLU) is an AEC 6612 Rev B industrial computer running Linux, on which the NOAA BATSTORE software is employed to support the BAT probe data output, as well as serial data streams from the Li7500 and the RT3003 INS/DGPS. These streams provde the basic data requuired for 3D wind and eddy covariance calculations. 

Optionally additional serial data streams are also logged. These include: Picarro G2301m gas analyser, Riegl LD90-3300HR laser altimeter, and data transferred from the MET System's CR1000 and CR3000 dataloggers, and the Central Services Module.

MET-CR1 and MET-CR3 Dataloggers

The MET-CR1 and MET-CR3 dataloggers are CSI CR1000 and CR3000 dataloggers respectively and support logging and control functions within the MET system.