Airborne Research and Innovation

Best Air Turbulence (BAT) Probe

The BAT probe allows high frequency turbulence and 3D wind measurement.

The NOAA/ARA BAT probe, installed on the ECO-Dimona, provides high frequency measurement of the 3 dimensional wind. This can be used for studies of air mass movement and evolution, and also to provide the instantaneous vertical wind component required for the airborne eddy covariance technique - in turn this allows us to estimate the rate of exchange of heat, moisture and traces gases like CO2 between the land surface and the atmosphere above.

The BAT probe is installed on the front of the left hand underwing pod of the ECO-Dimona, well away from the propeller wash. Pressures are measured around the surface of the hemispherical probe at 55Hz which, combined with fast temperature, humidity and navigational measurements, allow us to calculate the instantaneous wind components at the probe. These have to be corrected for the effects of the aircraft wing and pod mounting, finally providing a measurement of the free-stream wind speed and direction.