Airborne Research and Innovation

Meteorogical Systems

Our met system measures temperature, pressure, humidity and turbulence.


At this time we are onpy routinely operating meteorological systems on the ECO-Dimona manned aircraft. There is however potential to run similar system on our larger UAS platforms in the future.

The ECO-Dimona systems have undergone significant specialisation as part of the integration process. Installed systems include:

  • Licor Li7500 CO2/H2O infra-red gas analyser
  • NOAA/ARA Best Air Turbulence (BAT) probe
  • NOAA/ARA Fast Ultra-Sensitive Temperature (FUST) fine-wire thermocouple probe
  • Meteolabor TP3-ST chilled mirror dewpoint hygrometer
  • Vialsala HMP-45C relative humidity sensor
  • Licor Li-190 PAR sensors (upwelling and downwellling)
  • Logging systems - AEC 6612 rev B computer; CSI CR1000 and CR3000 dataloggers


Humidity System

Modified Meteolabor TP3-ST dewpoint and Viasala HMP45C relative humidity sensors form the core of a dedicated humidity sensing system.

Licor Li7500 IRGA

A Licor Li7500 IRGA provides fast response (20Hz) carbon dioxide and humidity measurement.

Best Air Turbulence (BAT) Probe

The BAT probe allows high frequency turbulence and 3D wind measurement.

Fast Ultra-Sensitive Temperature (FUST) Probe

A fine wire copper-constantan thermocouple probe provides fast response temperature sensing.

Logging Systems

Logging and sensor interfaces for the MET system are provided by dedicated loggers, including an AEC 6612 Rev B computer and CSI CR1000 and CR3000 data-loggers.

PAR Sensors

Licor Li-190 quantum sensors measure up-welling and down-welling PAR.