Airborne Research and Innovation

Camera Systems

RGB camera systems are vital tools within our survey capability on both manned and unmanned, supporting ortho-mapping and structure-from-motion based 3D imaging.

EOS 5D Mk II (ECO-Dimona)

A black camera on a blue table with system parts displayed.
The ECO-Dimona's main camera system is an embedded EOS 5D Mk II, co-aligned with precision navigation systems and with custom-built integrated control and shutter logging systems.


A Canon EOS camera in a yellow pod installation for an aircraft
The EOS 5D Mk I camera, formerly installed on the ECO-Dimona, is available as a backup to the more capable Mk II, and has the potential to fly on larger UAS. It is also available for hand-held oblique photography from other platforms.

Hasselblad L1D-20c (Mavic 2 Pro)

image of Mavic 2 Pro camera
The Hasselblad L1D-20c is factory installed on the Mavic 2 Pro and features a high quality 1" CMOS sensor suitable for ortho-mapping and structure from motion.

Sony A6000

A Sony A6000 camera mounted on a drone
The 24 MP A6000, fitted with prime 20 mm lens, provides outstanding imaging capability for our mid-weight UAS systems.

Sony A6000 - NIR Modified

A  modified Sony a6000 camera on a table
The inventory includes two A6000 cameras professionally modified for Near Infra-Red sensitivity.

Canon S110

A S110 camera installed on a drone
The S110 compact camera provides high quality imagery for lightweight UAS such as the Iris+.

Go Pro Hero 4 Black

Go Pro camera
Our Go Pro is now primarily employed for cockpit video and voice recording on the ECO-Dimona, but also provides a video/stills capability for UAS and ground use.

Qumox SJ4000

SJ 4000 action camera
The SJ4000 is a low cost, lightweight action camera, employed for stills and video on UAS and ECO-Dimona platforms.