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Special Circumstances procedure

Process and requirements for students wishing to make a special circumstances application.

It is the student’s responsibility to inform their Personal Tutor or Student Support Officer of any issues that may impact upon their studies. The student then submits a Special Circumstances form. In the form, the student describes the circumstances and explains how they affected their ability to complete any assessments.

It is very important to include evidence to support the request, since this is crucial to Boards of Examiners when they make their decision.

Special Circumstances evidence requirements

Special circumstances application deadlines

The student should submit the form to their School as soon as possible, and not more than a week after the student’s final assessment of the semester.

Working after submitting a special circumstances form

Wherever possible, students are expected to keep working on an assignment after submitting a special circumstances application. There may be cases, for example ill health, where the circumstances may prevent this.