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Student Support Services Annual Review

Annual support service monitoring meeting dates, process, policy and guidance information.

Meeting dates

Two meetings are held for annual reporting - one for report readers only and one for the full sub-committee including service directors. For 2018/19 reporting, we introduced a peer review element where other Heads of Service review another service's report. Peer reviewers are not required to attend the Readers' meeting.

  • Readers meeting - Wednesday, 30 October 2019 (Readers only - peer reviewers do not attend.)
  • Full Sub-committee - Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Reporting templates

Support services' annual report template and readers report template:


Sharing promising practice

Student Support Service reports highlight good and promising practice for sharing with other areas. 

Areas for consideration

The review identifies areas for Student Support Services to consider and report on progress as part of the next annual review.

Policy and guidance

The Student Support Service sub-committee has delegated authority from QAC for the operational oversight of the Student Support Service annual review process. It reports annually to QAC including commendations and recommendations to student support services. The sub-committee remit and membership is included in the the Student Support Services Review Policy.


Susan Hunter

Academic Policy Officer

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