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Student Support Services Annual Review

Annual support service monitoring process, policy and guidance information.

​Arrangements for 2019-20 reporting 

  • Special arrangements, approved by Senate Quality Assurance Committee in May 2020, will operate for this cycle of reporting.
  • We will operate a light-touch review process which will still include external and student input.
  • A refocused, shorter template is provided to Services. Services should focus on the impact on student experience of services due to the industrial action and Covid-19. Services will be able to submit their reports during a flexible timescale – but all reports will need to be in by 13 November 2020.

Reporting template

Revised annual quality report template for 2019-20:


Sharing good practice

We will continue to share good practice identified in the Student Support Services reports. 

Areas for consideration

Services will not be asked to report on any areas for consideration identified in the 2018-19 reporting cycle. However, we will ask Services to report on these in the next annual review (2020-21).

Policy and guidance

Special arrangements for 2019-20

Special arrangements for 2019-20 were approved by Senate Quality Assurance Committee in May 2020. These special arrangements supersede the Student Support Services Review Policy and guidance for 2019/20 reporting only. More details in the committee paper. 

Student Support Services policy and guidance

The standard policy and annual reporting process will be reintroduced for 2020/21 reporting.


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