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Student Support Services Annual Review

Annual support service monitoring process, policy and guidance information.

Arrangements for 2022-23 reporting

  • At the meeting held on Thursday 18 May 2023 Senate Quality Assurance Committee agreed that with the transition back to regular business after the Covid-19 pandemic it would be appropriate to reinstate the regular reporting process as set out in the Student Support Services Annual Review Policy below.
  • The SSSAR sub-committee will hold two in-person meetings during 2023-24, first to consider the service annual reports and then to explore common themes arising from annual reports and share good practice.
  • Reporting deadline for Services is Monday 9 October 2023.

Reporting template

Revised annual quality report template for 2022-23:


Sharing good practice

We will continue to share good practice identified in the Student Support Services reports. 

Readers and peer reviewers

All service reports will be reviewed by one reader (member of the sub-committee) and one peer reviewer (Head of another service). Readers and reviewers  template for reader/reviewer reporting is below - the list of readers and reviewers for the current year will be updated once they are allocated.

Policy and guidance 

Student Support Services policy and guidance

The policy sets out the process for reviewing the named services. Services will be provided with feedback from report readers/peer reviewer.


Brian Connolly

Academic Policy Manager

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