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Internal and external resources.

Student Support

Transitions map

The interative map is a snapshot in time of the wide variety of student transitions-related good practice across the University.  We developed the map as part of our work on the Student Transitions Enhancement Theme.

University Transitions Map

Student Voice

Responding to the student voice resources include a resource pack, a scan of international practice and examples of practice.

Responding to the student voice

Closing the feedback loop

A good practice resource for staff on closing the loop on student feedback.

Closing the feedback loop

Postgraduate Research (PGR) Student Experience

QAA Scotland's Focus On project looking at support for postgraduate research students who teach and student representation.

PGR student experience

Graduate Skills

QAA Scotland's Focus On project on the skills student develop, including technology, to ensure they are ready to contribute in a global society.

Focus On: Graduate skills

Retention and progession

Exploring interventions and approaches aimed at improving student retention and progression.

Enhancement Themes

Study Hub

IAD Study Hub :  Study Hub learning advice for taught students.

Study Hub learning resources: Advice on specific study skills topics, plus downloadable resources with useful study strategies.

Study Hub blog: Study skills tips, articles on student life, insights from staff and students, plus updates on events and opportunities.

Teaching Matters

Blogs, podcasts, videos and resources on all things learning and teaching related.

Teaching Matters

Good practice examples identified through quality processes

Assessment and Feedback

Feedback from Assessment

QAA Scotland's Focus On project on what students value in the feedback they receive, and recent developments in providing feedback including using technology.

Focus On: Feedback from assessment

Using data

Institution-led Review

QAA Scotland's Focus On project included a look at how data is used.

Focus On: Insitution-led review

Webinar series

Considering the different types of data (both quantitative and qualitative) in a variety of contexts.

Enhancement Themes

HE data landscape

Individual data guides on key data sources, collections and applications.

Enhancement Themes: HE Data Landscape resource

Students using evidence

Examples of practice from a sector-wide student-led project and a guide to using evidence.

Enhancement Themes: Students using evidence


Collaborative Activity

QAA Scotland's Focus On project included a look at building learning communities at distance.

Focus On: Collaborative activity


Reflection Toolkit

Curriculum Toolkit for embedding student development, employability and careers into the curriculum

Employability staff webpages