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Using data

How to use data to support enhancing student experience.

Data repository

The Royal (Dick) School for Veterinary Studies uses a central online repository for quality assurance material and documents. (Presentation to joint School Directors of Quality and Directors of Teaching Network.)

Contact: Dr Claire Phillips, Vet School

Monitoring and evaluating

This Institute for Academic Development (IAD) presentation discusses the difference between monitoring and evaluation, data sources and how these can help with evidence. (Presentation to Student Support Service Annual Review.)

Contact: Dr Jon Turner, IAD Director

Evidence for enhancement

The current Enhancement Theme reflects on data within the Scottish HE sector. The Enhancement Themes website has information on using data:

Defining and capturing evidence

Includes a higher education data landscape resource, which helps navigation around common data sets and their relationship to key quality activities.

Defining and capturing evidence 

Student engagement and demographics

Listening to and understanding different student perspectives in relation to supporting activities on retention and progression. Investigating methods institutions use to communicate student voice impact.

Student engagement and demographics

Optimising existing evidence

Focus on upskilling, aiming at increasing skills and knowledge in data and evidence use.

Optimising existing evidence 

Exploring learning analytics

Exploring current thinking on learning analytics with the aim of sharing good practice in policy and practice development.

Exploring learning analytics 

Supporting Data

Where to find information to support annual quality processes.

Data to support annual quality processes (594.21 KB PDF)

Recording of using the PowerBI Quality Data Dashboards demonstration given by Paula Webster, Head of Student Data and Surveys (9 June 2019).

Using Power BI Quality Data Dashboards

QAA Scotland’s Focus On project looked at how data is used for institutional reviews.

Focus On: Institution-led reviews

Enhancement Themes report:

Top Tips for Engaging with Data in Annual Monitoring