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Mid-course feedback

What is mid-course feedback?

Assistant Principal Academic Standards and Quality Assurance and the Head of Quality Assurance and Enhancement Team in Academic Services, explain the importance of mid-course feedback for both staff and students, and present findings from a recent evaluation to determine the effectiveness of mid-course feedback across the University, as well as providing tips on how to conduct this type of feedback.

What is mid-course feedback?

Student feedback experience

A Masters student describes how Course Enhancement Questionnaires and mid-course feedback gives students agency in helping lecturers improve their teaching skills.

A student’s experience of giving feedback 

Valuing mid-course feedback

Assistant Principal Academic Standards reflects on the value of mid-course feedback, provides a reminder of policy and guidance available, and explains its place amongst other student voice mechanisms.

Valuing and supporting mid-course feedback

A language assistant in the School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures, contributes to the Enhancement Themes* work that the University is engaged in to close the gap between student and staff perceptions of feedback.

Student feedback: The key to course improvement

Example – BluePulse and continuous feedback

A learning technologist in the Business School, describes a pilot project that uses a social feedback platform to engage students and staff in continuous course feedback.

BluePulse and continuous course feedback

Presentation slides from Directors of Teaching Network

The Vet School uses Top Hat for instant feedback. In the School of Mathematics, Course Organisers use a template for collecting feedback during class.  The School of Health in Social Science reflects on learning from mid-course feedback and use of "You said, we did".(Presentation slides from Directors of Teaching Network.)

Contacts: Professor Susan Rhind, Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies. Professor Iain Gordon, Head of School of Mathematics. Dr Emily Taylor, Health in Social Science

Traffic-light feedback system

Japanese Studies developed a 'traffic light' feedback system. It helps students to know what they are doing well, what they aren’t doing so well at and what to focus on next. The traffic light system is being adopted more widely in the School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures.

Contact: Dr Chris Perkins, Undergraduate Director, School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures

Co-created dissertation guidance

New and experienced supervisors co-created guidance to clarify the expectations and roles of dissertation supervisors and students. The guidance has a particular focus on how to give effective feedback on student writing.

Contact: Dr Neneh Rowa-Dewar, Dissertation and Research Co-ordinator, Deanery of Molecular, Genetic and Population Health Sciences

Standardising feedback reports

Highlighted in Internal Periodic Reviews

The PPR of Molecular, Genetic and Population Health Sciences commended the work that staff have undertaken to develop their feedback; training, peer learning and the use of pro-forma reports to standardise feedback.

The standard feedback sheet that is in use and the ‘feed-forward’ approach was commended in the TPR of Social Anthropology. 

Contact: School Director of Quality

Feedback from Assessment

QAA Scotland’s Focus On project: what students value in the feedback the receive and exploring recent developments in providing feedback including new technology.

Focus On: Feedback from assessment 


College Good Practice Showcase

The College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine Good Practice Showcase 2020 focused on the theme of ‘Assessment’. This annual event promotes good practice across the College.

Contact: Victoria Bennett, College Academic Administrator (QAE)

Teaching Matters blog: College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine Good Practice Showcase 2020

Journal club-style presentations

The Deanery of Biomedical Sciences has introduced an assessed journal club-style presentation as part of the course for 1st year students. They also introduced a new additional session where students assess presentations by course staff.

Contact: Dr Melanie Stefan, Lecturer, Deanery of Biomedical Sciences

Teaching Matters

Teaching Matters is the University's website, blog and postcast for for sharing ideas and approaches to teaching, and for showcasing our successes.

Contact: Dr Jenny Scoles,  Academic Developer (Learning & Teaching Enhancement),  Institute for Academic Development

Teaching Matters Blog

Assessment and Feedback

QAA Scotland’s Focus On project: use of technology, working in partnership with students’ associations and consistency of policy and practice.

Focus On: Assessment and feedback

Highlighted in School Annual reports

For further information contact the School Director of Quality

  • Assessment and feedback software (Edinburgh Medical School)
  • Improved marking criteria guidance leading to increase in National Student Survey scores (Economics)
  • Interactive class on assessment (Engineering)
  • Improvements in assessment and feedback methods are evident in course evaluations (LLC)
  • Lecture recording and top hat (Physics)
  • Assessment/marking scheme transparency – online tool for assessment of postgraduate taught projects and dissertations being rolled out (Maths)
  • Audio feedback provided as standard on all postgraduate taught assignments (Edinburgh Medical School)
  • Hand-in diaries and best of three assessments (Physics)