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Institutional Review (ELIR) 2015

Outcome and key documents from the 2015 review.

The University received the highest possible judgement from the 2015 ELIR, an outcome of 'effectiveness' in the management of academic standards and enhancing quality.  The review team identified many areas of positive practice where the University is doing particularly well; for example, the Edinburgh Award, and initiatives such as the Peer Assisted Learning Scheme (PALS) in which students 'buddy' or mentor other students.  The review team have also identified some areas for development, and these are being taken forward by designated theme leads. Progress will be reported regularly to the Senate Quality Assurance Committee, and in March 2017, the University provided a 'year-on' report to the Quality Assurance Agency on its progress in addressing their recommendations.

Key Documents

ELIR 2015 Technical and Outcome Reports

ELIR Year-On Response Report (pdf)