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Consultation (Phase 1)

Details of University-wide consultation on draft principles that took place in semester 1 of 2018/19 (phase 1)

During semester 1 of 2018/19 the task group consulted widely on draft principles to guide its work. Consultation included a wide range of activities, including a strategic discussion at the Senate meeting on 3 October 2018, focus groups for staff specialising in teaching, and sessions at College committees and school fora.

A series of College meetings were held over September and October 2018 to discuss the draft principles:

  • Staff Management Committee (CAHSS) - Thursday 20 September 2018;
  • CUGLAT (CAHSS) - Thursday 4 October 2018;
  • College Strategy Group (CMVM) - Monday 8 October 2018;
  • College Postgraduate Learning and Teaching Committee (CMVM) - Wednesday 10 October 2018;
  • College Learning and Teaching Committee (CSE) - Tuesday 16 October 2018;
  • College UG Learning and Teaching Committee (CMVM) - Wednesday 17 October 2018.

Schools were invited to contact us with details of their School fora (dates, times, locations) during September and October, and we arranged for a senior member of the task group to attend to present on the project draft principles, and seek views.

Colleges and Schools have also submitted written responses to us with views on the draft principles.

The consultation period (phase 1 of the project) has now closed and the principles have been finalised by the task group and the University Executive. In semester 2 of 2018/19 the task group moved on to phase 2 of the project.