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Reviewing the Code of Practice for Tutoring and Demonstrating

Task Group remit, timescales and contact details.

In 2016, the Senate’s Researcher Experience Committee (REC) agreed to appoint a Task Group to review the Code of Practice on Tutoring and Demonstrating. 

Final Report and Policy

The Task Group completed its review of the Code of Practice for Tutors and Demonstrators in 2017 and the Senate Learning and Teaching Committee and REC agreed to replace this Code with a new Policy for the recruitment, support and development of tutors and demonstrators. 

The Policy has been officially launched for implementation, but since contracts for the 2017/18 academic year were already in place, and Schools had plans for induction and training in place, it was anticipated that the Policy will not be able to be fully implemented until 2018/19.  Full implementation of this Policy is expected across the University from 2018/19 onwards. To that end, Schools and Deaneries are asked to begin work immediately to ensure that this is the case.

Tutors and demonstrators

Task Group remit

  • To review the University’s Code of Practice for Tutors and Demonstrators to ensure that it contains the appropriate range of information and that the content is up to date and underpinned by appropriate policies;
  • To recommend to REC a revised version;
  • To recommend to REC an approach to communicating the amended Code and to ensuring that all Schools are implementing it consistently;
  • Where the process of reviewing the Code highlights any outstanding policy issues regarding training and support for tutors and demonstrators, to recommend how to resolve these issues;
  • Where the process of reviewing the Code highlights any outstanding policy issues that do not fall within the REC’s and the Senate Learning and Teaching Committee (LTC)’s remits, e.g. teaching and working conditions, or terms of employment, to refer these to HR/College Registrars.


  • Professor Jeremy Bradshaw, Assistant Principal Researcher Development - Convener
  • One representative (either a Dean or Senior Administrator) from each College
    • CSE - Ms Julia Ferguson, Academic Affairs Officer
    • CAHSS - Professor Neil Mulholland, Dean of Postgraduate Studies
    • MVM - Dr Matt Bailey, Centre for Cardiovascular Science
  • Ms Linda Criggie, Deupty Director of HR (Employee Relations, Employment Policy, Equality and Diversity)
  • One College Registrar - Dr Catherine Martin (CAHSS)
  • Dr Jon Turner, Director of the Institute for Academic Development
  • Dr Amy Burge, Academic Develpment, Institute for Academic Development
  • Mr Tom Ward, Director of Academic Services
  • Ms Bobi Archer, Vice President Education, Edinburgh University Students' Association
  • Dr Lena Wanggren, UCU Vice-President
  • Ms Theresa Sheppard, Academic Policy Officer, Academic services (task group administrator)


Group meetings in Semester One 2016-17

Work undertaken by the Group to date:

  • Discussion of the current Code and identification of a set of key issues to provide focus for the work
  • Benchmarking the Code against other institutions.
  • Suggestions as to a broad structure for a revised Code.

Seeking views in Semester Two 2016-17

The Group has sought comments from stakeholders regarding a draft Policy.

In addition, during February and March 2017, a Focus Group of tutors and demonstrators from across all Colleges was asked to review the document and to contribute their responses.

The previous Code of Practice, which has now been replaced, can be viewed here.


Adam Bunni

Head of Regulations and Governance

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