Academic Services

What is it?

The programme's three work streams cover supervisor support and training, mentorship and wellbeing, and personal and professional development record.

The Excellence in Doctoral Education and Career Development Programme is a comprehensive Programme of work approved and governed by the Senate Researcher Experience Committee. Launched in January 2017 the programme focuses on three specific and interrelated areas of the Postgraduate Research experience.

Supervisor support and training

Remit and progress reports, including task group on continuing professional development for supervisors for work stream one.

Mentorship and well being

Remit and progress reports, including the postgraduate research peer support project for work stream two.

Personal and professional development record

Remit and task group report for work stream three.

Through benchmarking, mapping and evidence building, the Programme will seek to identify and implement enhancements where possible under existing resource. Where further development is necessary, it will build up cases to support this.

Why is it important?

This work is necessary to achieve University strategic objectives and to respond effectively to recommendations of ELIR 2015. It demonstrates an institutional commitment to finding effective and cohesive ways to enhance the Postgraduate Research experience.