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Postgraduate research degrees 2023/24

Regulations cover roles and responsibilities, conduct of assessment, thesis regulations, assessment decisions, MSc by Research Degrees, interpretations and significant disruption.

Downloadable PDF of the current regulations.

Previous years' regulations are available in the assessment archive.

Assessment regulations archive


Purpose, overview and additional guidance.

Section A: roles and responsibilities

Regulations 1 - 7: Scope, College committee responsibilities, examiner appointment and responsibilities, avoiding conflicts of interest.

Section B: conduct of assessment

Regulations 8 - 27: Assessment requirements, deadlines and language, annual progression reviews, thesis submission, assessment and oral examination, examiner recommendations, academic misconduct and security of marks.

Section C: thesis regulations

Regulations 28 - 34: Format, title, length and copyright. Previously published material, PhD by Research Publications and signed declaration.

Section D: assessment decisions

Regulations 35 - 45: College committee approval, recommendation, return and status of decision, convener's action and quorum. Confidentiality, retention, degree award, final version of thesis and academic appeal.

Section E: MSc by research degrees

Regulations 46 - 54: Examination, submission, markers, oral assessment, requirements for award, examiner recommendation, merit and distinction.

Section F: interpretation and significant disruption

Regulations 55 - 56: Interpretation of regulations, approval of concessions and standards in the event of significant disruption.

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