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Updates to Special Circumstances, Academic and Pastoral Support, Course Organiser Role and Programme and Course Handbooks policies.


Special Circumstances Policy

Additional grounds have been included in the "examples of circumstances likely to be accepted" (2.2), covering the following issues:

  • Exceptional change in employment commitments, where this is beyond the student’s control;
  • Severe financial difficulties;
  • Exposure to a difficult/challenging home environment;
  • Significant problems with access to teaching and learning materials;
  • Catastrophic technical failure preventing submission of an online assessment;
  • Lack of access to library resources where there are no viable alternatives.

We have also provided more options for students to evidence medical circumstances, where it is difficult to get hold of medical documentation (6.2).

Academic and Pastoral Support Policy

The policy has been reviewed to ensure alignment with the amended descriptor for the Senior Tutor role. The new role descriptor also includes a list of essential skills and experiences which have previously not been included in the Policy.

Course Organiser Outline of Role

Minor changes to reflect current policy and practice (including digital delivery).

Programme and Course Handbooks Policy

Minor changes to reflect current policy and practice (including digital delivery). Key updates: standard text for Student Representative Structure and Peer Support.

Coming soon

Updates to the Student Maternity and Family Leave Policy are expected in semester 1.