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Assessment and degree regulations

Key changes and updates to the Taught Assessment Regulations, Postgraduate Assessment Regulations for Research Degrees and the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Degree Regulations.

Updated regulations

Amendments to the degree and assessment regulations are highlighted in the key changes documents below.

Taught assessment

We have clarified issues relating to degree classification calculations (55), and External Examiner attendance at Boards (39.5). Information about all the changes is available in the Key Changes document.

Consent for use of student work

It can be helpful for current students to see examples of high quality coursework or dissertations submitted previously by students. However, as these types of work constitute personal data under data protection legislation, work can only be retained for that purpose when students consent. In addition to a new regulation (49.5), we have produced a form for students to complete, where they consent to their work being used as an exemplar.

Postgraduate research assessment

We have removed the requirement to submit a hard copy of the final thesis for consistency with the Library's move to electronic-only final submission.

Degree regulations


We have updated the regulations to reflect the responsibilities that the Study and Work Away Service will have for 2020/21.

Undergraduate Degree Regulations (pdf)


We have made changes for part-time intermittent postgraduate taught reductions to the prescribed period of study and interruptions of study.

Postgraduate Degree Regulations (pdf)