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Election process

Candidate information and the voting process

Voting has now closed. 

Election results are now available

Key dates

Voting opens at 0900 GMT on Wednesday 24 March 2021

Voting closes at 1200 GMT on  Wednesday 31 March 2021

What is Senate?

The Senatus Academicus (Senate) is the University’s supreme academic body. Its core function is to oversee the learning, teaching and discipline of the University and to promote its research.

Senate is chaired by the Principal and Vice Chancellor and the membership includes academic and research staff, Heads of Schools, Heads of Colleges, Vice-Principals, Assistant Principals, and student representatives.

It holds three annual meetings at which it hosts presentation and discussion sessions on key strategic themes, open to all members of staff.

Academic staff members of Senate are elected annually, and if elected serve as a member of Senate for 3 years. 

Positions open for election

An election is being held for 'Elected academic staff (non-Professorial) - College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences'. 

For all other categories of academic staff members of Senate, the number of nominations received was fewer than the number of positions available. The nominees for these positions have therefore been returned unopposed. 

Candidate information 

Candidate information is provided below. Please click the candidate name to see their School and their candidate statement.

College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Non-Professorial Candidates


Voting process

All votes are cast using the University online voting system. Access the MyEd Online Voting channel through this link:

Voting will be conducted using the Single Transferrable Vote method (STV WIGM). Voters will rank candidates in order of preference. Detailed voting instructions will be provided on the electronic ballot paper.

If you have any problems accessing the online voting system, or require any guidance, please contact in the first instance.

Who can vote?

  • All academic staff members in CAHSS, who are not employed in professorial roles, are eligible to vote in this election.
  • Non-professorial academic staff members who are employed in Corporate Services Group or University Secretary's Group are also eligible to vote.
  • Members of staff who are formally employed in more than one College are entitled to vote in all Colleges in which they are employed.
  • ‘Academic staff’ includes all members of staff who are categorised as ‘academic’ in the University’s Human Resources records, and includes the job segments academic, clinical academic, general practice clinician, and tutors and demonstrators.

Positions returned unopposed

The nominees below were returned unopposed. 


Election outcomes

  • In the event that fewer nominations are received than positions available, candidates for that role will be elected unopposed.
  • In the event of a tie, the successful candidate or candidates will be determined by the drawing of lots.
  • Results will be declared online as soon as possible after the close of voting.

Returning Officer

Sue MacGregor

Director of Academic Services

Contact details

Deputy Returning Officer

Dr Kathryn Nicol

Academic Policy Officer

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