Academic Services

Recent activities

Committee activity in the last academic session (Academic Year 2021/22).


  • Enhancement Led Institutional Review (ELIR) - The Committee developed and oversaw the implementation of the ELIR Action Plan. The University is required to provide a follow-up report to the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) Scotland on actions taken or in progress to address the outcomes of the review one year after the publication of the ELIR reports (published on 15 July 2022). A draft of the report was submitted to the University Executive (10 May 2022 meeting), and an update on ELIR actions was presented to Senate (25 May 2022 meeting).


  • Digital Maturity  - The Committee received the recommendations of the Digital Maturity report and considered how quality processes, and the data that they produce, can support the Curriculum Transformation programme. The Committee is working with Academic Services to develop a SharePoint site to optimize the presentation of quality data to Schools and Deaneries and encourage greater engagement and traction with quality processes.


  • Retention, progression, and attainment data - The Committee continues to examine data and methodological options for the systematic monitoring of retention, progression, and attainment data in response to the recommendations from recent Thematic Reviews. The Committee has driven work to identify awarding gaps across the University via the Thematic Review process (and the Data Task Group established to progress the recommendations of recent reviews) and the annual quality assurance (QA) processes. The Convenor of the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee (EDIC) attended the April 2022 meeting to consider the roles both committees will have in overseeing the work to determine the underlying causes of the awarding gaps with the aim of establishing and sharing good practice with Schools and Deaneries to help them address these gaps.


  • Student Voice Policy - The Committee oversaw the implementation of the recommendations from the review of Course Enhancement Questionnaires (CEQs) and is monitoring the implementation of the new Student Voice Policy through annual monitoring, review and reporting processes. 


  • Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) Accreditation Committee - The Committee continues to oversee the accreditation of the SRUC programme, ‘Environmental Management (BSc)’ and the outgoing ‘Environmental Resource Management (BSc)’. The Accreditation Committee met in March 2022 and affirmed continued accreditation of the programmes.  SRUC’s application for Degree Awarding Powers (DAP) has been approved to progress to the scrutiny stage by the QAA Advisory Committee. SRUC has now entered a period of scrutiny which will continue for a minimum of a full year, and there may be an indication of the outcome in Summer 2023.