Academic Services

Recent activities

Committee activity in the last academic session (Academic Year 2021/22).

  1. Input into the Curriculum Transformation project

Curriculum Transformation was a standing item on Education Committee agendas in 2021/22.

Members received a presentation on Curriculum Transformation timelines and the draft ‘Edinburgh Student Vision’ at its March 2022 meeting, and an update on the Vision consultation at its May 2022 meeting.


  1. Ensuring an effective response to ELIR recommendations

Members received and endorsed the ELIR response action plan at its September 2021 meeting.

At its March 2022 meeting, the Committee commented on a paper outlining proposals to develop a holistic and strategic approach to the design and management of assessment and feedback in response to ELIR recommendations. This included consideration of the University’s overall approach to assessment and feedback, and assessment and feedback principles aimed at providing a clear set of expectations to bring consistency across the University. An updated version of the principles was brought to the May 2022 meeting for final approval.

Education Committee also received, for information and comment, copies of the student experience updates that were taken to University Executive throughout the year.


  1. Other matters considered during the year

Other key items considered by Education Committee during the year included:

  • Progress with the Doctoral College
  • The University’s involvement in the delivery of microcredentials
  • Digital Strategy
  • Academic integrity
  • Ongoing input into academic year planning in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic (capacity planning, exam diet planning etc.)