Academic Services


Who to contact in Academic Services by topic.

  Enquiry relating to.... Initial point of contact
A Academic appeals Stuart Fitzpatrick
  Academic misconduct Roshni Hume, Ailsa Taylor
  Academic Policy and Regulations Committee (APRC) Ailsa Taylor
  Accreditation (professional body) Pippa Ward
  Administrative support Arlene Duffin, Linda Hannah
  Annual monitoring/annual quality reports Nichola Kett, Brian Connolly
  Assessment regulations Adam Bunni, Ailsa Taylor, Susan Hunter
B Boards of Studies training and briefing Nichola Kett
C Collaborative provision Adam Bunni
  Committee Symposium(Senate) Pippa Ward
  Conduct (student) Ailsa Taylor, Adam Bunni, Roshni Hume, Pippa Ward, Kathryn Nicol
  Curriculum development Adam Bunni
D Degree regulations Adam Bunni, Susan Hunter, Ailsa Taylor
  Data Protection Act (for Academic Services business) Stuart Fitzpatrick
  Degree Programme Specifications Adam Bunni
E Education Committee Pippa Ward
  Emeritus Professors (Appointment of) Pippa Ward
  Enhancement Led Institutional Review (ELIR) Nichola Kett
  External examiners Susan Hunter
  Examination board (training and development) Adam Bunni
F Freedom of Information (FOI for Academic Services) Stuart Fitzpatrick
G Governance framework Adam Bunni
I Internal subject review (TPR and PPR) Gillian Mackintosh
  Internal reviews (student support service review) Susan Hunter
L Learning and Teaching Policy Group Sue MacGregor
  LEAF (Learning from Enhancements in Assessment and Feedback) Nichola Kett
N Newsletter (Senate Committees) Philippa Ward
P Programme and Course Management Policy Nichola Kett
  Personal tutors Brian Connolly
  Plagiarism Roshni Hume, Ailsa Taylor
  Policy review Adam Bunni
  Postgraduate Programme Review (PPR) Susan Hunter
Q QAA (UK) Quality Code Nichola Kett
  Quality Assurance Committee (QAC) Brian Connolly
  Quality enhancement Nichola Kett
  Quality assurance Nichola Kett
R Regulations (Assessment and Degree) Adam Bunni, Ailsa Taylor, Susan Hunter
  Research degrees Code of Practice Susan Hunter
  Researcher Experience Committee (REC) Susan Hunter, Nichola Kett
S Senate and eSenate Kathryn Nicol
  Senate dates and membership Kathryn Nicol, Arlene Duffin
  Senate elections Kathryn Nicol, Arlene Duffin
  Student conduct Ailsa Taylor, Adam Bunni, Roshni Hume, Pippa Ward, Kathryn Nicol
  Student engagement Gillian Mackintosh
  Student support services review Susan Hunter, Gillian Mackintosh
T Teaching Programme Review (TPR) Gillian Mackintosh
V Visiting students Adam Bunni