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Our approach to website accessibility testing

We use a number of different approaches to testing the accessibility of our website. This includes manual testing using assistive technology such as a screen reader as well as automated testing.

Our main approach to accessibility testing of the central University website is as follows:

We use an automated testing tool to batch process a sample of pages. This is currently approximately 17,500 pages - so the sample size is large enough to include every page type and element. This has been in increased significantly in March 2022 and then again in February 2023 and in the future may include all pages. This runs once a month.

We use a second automated testing tool to batch process the pages of the University Website Publishing team and it's demonstration site as this includes all the types of pages and page elements available in the content management system. This is run twice a year.

Once a year we run a significant manual test on a sample of pages including the University Website Publishing team website and a number of key pages that have a large number of website visitors.

Examples of sample pages for website testing

University Website Publishing team

Demonstration site for the University website

University homepage

Events section

Visit the University

Search results for 'University Website Publishing'

We also test large parts of the Information Services web pages:

Information Services