Social Responsibility and Sustainability


Practically all modes of travel apart from walking and cycling depend on fossil fuels, meaning that the way we choose to travel can have a big impact on the environment.

In the Strategic Plan 2012–16, the University committed itself to “facilitating sustainable and active travel between the different parts of our dispersed estate and promoting more sustainable modes of business travel”.

What you can do

The University recognises the importance of making sustainable travel options easy and accessible.

Making changes to the way you travel can be beneficial for your health as well as the environment.


Cycling is a cheap, quick, and healthy way to get around.

The University provides lots of support, including training, free showers, tool kits, Dr. Bike maintenance, secure stores and a Cycle to Work scheme for staff.

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Regular walking can improve your health, save you money and reduce your impact on the environment.

The Transport Office can help with advice and discounts.

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Travelling by bus and train is by far the most sustainable way to attend meetings and conferences.

It’s always a good idea to check online route planning tools before you book your travel to see what options are available.

Share your journey.

The University operates a private Tripshare scheme to match individuals with others wanting to travel in the same direction so they can share the journey and the costs.

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If you need to drive, the City Car Club offers a convenient car pool for University staff.

You can also sign up for personal use at a specially discounted rate for staff and students.

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Electric vehicles are an exciting new form of transportation. If you are eligible for a parking permit and drive an electric vehicle, the permit will be free. You can charge your vehicle for free at a number of dedicated fast-charging points.


Active Travel Champions

Are you interested in helping friends and colleagues be more active through walking or cycling? Why not become an Active Travel Champion!


The University aims to strike a balance between the recognised benefits of personal meetings with colleagues in other places and the impact that our international travel has on climate change.

 Taking things further


Become an Active Travel Champion.

Help your friends and colleagues to be more active by walking, cycling, or taking public transport more often. Training and support is available from Sustrans.

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Video conferencing has made it easier to share ideas with people based elsewhere. Using online meeting tools such as Skype or can also significantly reduce your travel needs.
Business travel is one of the biggest contributors to our carbon footprint. Flights make up the majority of those emissions - so work with your colleagues to minimise the number of domestic and short-haul flights you need to take.