Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Dissertation prizes

In collaboration with different academic Schools, we award SRS dissertation prizes, to highlight and recognise student research on social responsibility and sustainability themes.


Dissertation prize rosette graphic square

Winners will receive £150 plus a £50 voucher of their choice and will have a summary of their dissertation published and promoted on the University website.

The prizes will be judged by a panel of academics from across the University of Edinburgh, with up to three prizes being awarded for both undergraduates and postgraduate masters. 

Eligibility checklist

To be considered, the dissertation must:

  • contribute to furthering knowledge and/or understanding of social responsibility and/or sustainability
  • have been marked during the current academic year
  • have achieved a grade of 65 or above


Undergraduates: Monday 3rd July 2017 (midnight)

Postgraduate Masters: Monday 13th November 2017 (midnight)

If you won’t have received your marks back by these dates, please let us know.

What to submit:

  • Full dissertation (please name the file SURNAME_FIRSTNAME_UG/PG_Dissertation20xx)
  • Evidence of grade
  • 1-page case for consideration, explaining why the dissertation is eligible for the prize (please name the file SURNAME_FIRSTNAME_UG/PG_1page20xx)

Submissions should be sent to Liz Cooper.


Up to three prizes will be awarded. Winners will receive £150 plus a £50 voucher for one of the following (depending on the winner’s preference):

Previous winners

2015/16 undergraduate dissertation prize winners

2015/16 masters dissertation prize winners

2016/17 undergraduate dissertation prize winners

2016/17 postgraduate dissertation prize winners


To make an enquiry about the dissertation prizes, please contact Liz Cooper.

Liz Cooper

Research & Policy Manager

Contact details


  • Before completing an MSc in Business & Community, Liz worked on fair trade & livelihoods projects in India and Senegal for a number of years. She joined the University in 2012 to work on supply chain social responsibility, and currently leads the department’s Fairness in Trade and Sustainable Procurement Programme, including research, policy development, and collaboration with the Procurement Office on implementation. She also contributes to work on responsible investment, and leads work on developing a Living Lab approach – linking academic research to practice in the University on SRS issues.