Social Responsibility and Sustainability


Our goal is to reduce the use of unnecessary raw materials through the reuse of products and by encouraging and enabling recycling, composting and energy recovery.

Our approach is to set clear policy and guidance that applies across the University; to develop a series of site specific Waste Management Plans; and to require all Colleges and Schools/Units to develop procedures in line with the policy.

Our objectives

  • Manage our waste in ways that are legally compliant, environmentally sound and financially controlled.
  • Develop site specific waste management plans across all areas of the University.
  • Continually improve recycling and waste management practices, good procurement practice and the promotion of sustainable behaviour amongst the University community.

Responsibilities & committees

The Head of School is formally responsible, through the Head of College, to the University Court for the management of Waste arisings in the area of the University under their control.

Fleur Ruckley, Waste & Environment Manager

Sustainability and Environment Advisory Committee (Operations), Convenor: Nigel Paul, Director of Corporate Services

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