Social Responsibility and Sustainability


Labs use many times more energy and water per square metre than office spaces. Being conscious of your resource and energy use can make a big difference.

First steps to a sustainable lab

It's easy to make your lab more sustainable. Here are some things you can do right now.

Why do laboratories matter?

The University is an internationally recognised centre for a wide range of research. Each discipline requires specific equipment, facilities, staff, materials, and often specially engineered buildings. All of this can be extremely consuming in terms of finances and energy.


Sustainability Awards winners 2017 labs
The University of Edinburgh's Sustainability Awards have recognised the specialised nature of research facilities by offering a specific version of the awards tailored just for them.

Awards themes

The lab awards are divided into 9 different themes. Only the first eight are required for a Bronze or Silver award, you must complete a minimum of five Bonus criteria in order to qualify for a Gold award.

Cold storage study

The University of Edinburgh's Roslin Institute is carrying out research into making cold storage facilities more efficient.


Forms and documentation to assist laboratory staff.