Social Responsibility and Sustainability


Our Fair Trade Policy was endorsed by Court in June 2013. Having a Fair Trade Policy is one of the Fairtrade Foundation's criteria for Fairtrade University status.


The University of Edinburgh aims to contribute to meeting the global poverty challenge by:

  1. Expanding the range of fair trade foods, beverages and apparel available at all campus shops, canteens, cafés, meeting rooms, restaurants and bars.
  2. Ensuring fair trade tea and coffee is used at all meetings and encouraging consumption of fair trade products in offices.
  3. Raising awareness on issues of fairness in global trade through events and online content.
  4. Carrying out and disseminating research on fairness in trade, and encouraging associated teaching.
  5. Collaborating with the Edinburgh Fair Trade City Initiative and the Scottish Fair Trade Forum on what it means for Scotland to be a Fair Trade Nation, and with other relevant groups such as public procurement consortia and networks.

The SRS Department will regularly review and make recommendations to revise the University’s approach to fair trade policy and awareness raising, taking into account the latest developments in fair trade and fair work practices in procurement and in academia.