Social Responsibility and Sustainability


Advice on how to save energy at the University.


How cold is it really? Tip
Find out about the max and min temperatures for University buildings and how to report temperatures outside of this range.


Get the most out of your heater tip
Get the most out of your heater. Advice on using CHP/gas/central heating and storage heaters.


Set your computer to save power tip
Information about reducing the amount of power your computer consumes.

Sustainability Awards

Be part of the sustainability awards tip
Gain recognition for your department and work with others in the Sustainability Awards.


How many people actually want tea? Tip
95% of people boil the kettle every day and 75% overfill. Learn more about boiling water and energy consumption.


Become an energy coordinator tip
Become part of our energy vision and grow your skillset as an Energy Coordinator.


Last one out? Is everything off? Tip
Too many lights are left on every day. Find out more about how much energy can be saved and how we are tracking it.


Remember to close the door
Making buildings warm uses a lot of energy. Keep the heat in and save energy.


Report dripping taps tip
A tap dripping once per minute can waste over 100 litres of water a year.

Switch Campaign

Goal to reduce energy use by 10% by 2018
Find out more about the main areas the switch campaign is addressing to help save energy.