Social Responsibility and Sustainability


Resources to help you save energy in your own work and study places.

Animals sitting around a tree with sustainability icons on the branches. 'Work with others to make our University better'

Resources for everybody


These A4 posters draw attention to some of the common ways energy can be saved. Simply download and print the posters that relate to your area.


Resources for Energy Coordinators

The following resources are used by Energy Coordinators. If you require extra resources or want to order something custom made, please get in touch below.

'I am your Energy Coordinator' poster to let your department know who is overseeing energy use in your building.


Let your department know who is the Energy Coordinator for your building by printing out a customised poster with your name, department and optional photo (example below).


Get Poster!


Energy Coordinators can also use the email signature image on the right - simply right-click and download, then paste into the signature box in Outlook.

Energy Coordinator email signature image


Screensavers and screen images

Use these on your own computer, in computer labs, or on mounted screens around your building.

These images are set for 1080p, but if you require a different format, please request them below.

A range of materials available for energy saving. More information as


Request physical materials 

Energy Coordinators can request new physical materials using this form. Please note that it takes about 2 weeks for us to send materials.