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Energy Coordinators

Energy Coordinators help promote energy reduction in their school or unit.

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The University is committed to reducing its energy consumption. Energy Coordinators help to drive energy efficiency locally within their units. 

Our Department supports each energy coordinator, providing them with materials and training so that they can better monitor energy usage in their areas and also so they can add to their skillset.

Each building  should have at least one Energy Coordinator. Where Schools or units are large, or where they cover more than one site, there should be Energy Coordinators who can each oversee a particular building.

Why this matters

Energy costs are rapidly growing at the University, exceeding £18 million last year, so it is strategically important to drive those costs down. From an environmental perspective, energy use is our single largest source of carbon emissions and therefore we cannot achieve our carbon reduction commitments without addressing energy consumptions.


Find an Energy Coordinator

Your Energy Coordinator is your first point of contact for energy questions or issues in your building.

Become an Energy Coordinator

Energy Coordinators are a vital part of the University's carbon and energy-saving strategy.

Guidance for Energy Coordinators

Guidance and tips on how to carry out your role as an Energy Coordinator. Use the guidance below as your checklist to improve energy efficiency and establish sustainable behaviours in your building.

Frequently asked questions

Energy Coordinator FAQs
Learn more about the role and what's involved.

Events and Development Opportunities

Upcoming events and development opportunities for Energy Coordinators

Case Studies

Find out about the experiences and achievements of other Energy Coordinators.