Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Circular Economy

The Circular Economy is about transitioning from a ‘take-make-dispose’ linear approach to resource use, to systems that encourage reuse and extraction of maximum value before returning resources to the biosphere.

Benefits for taking Circular Economy thinking and action further at the University include:  

  • Innovative ways of doing things; new research ideas and collaboration opportunities
  • Potential financial savings from efficient use of resources
  • Reduction in emissions and landfill
  • Employment opportunities and skills development for existing staff and students and the wider community  
  • Opportunity for the University to differentiate itself and set itself as a forward-thinking, exemplar, University.

Interactive Map of the Circular Economy

Circular Economy Report, April 2015

Researchers and practitioners at the University of Edinburgh have been working together to identify how principles of the Circular Economy can be embedded in Research, Learning & Teaching and Operations at the University of Edinburgh.    The Department for Social Responsibility and Sustainability (SRS) with support from  Zero Waste Scotland facilitated a project between January and April 2015 with operational and academic colleagues.  The Sustainable Business Initiative (SBI) in the Business School was recruited to carry out the main piece of research, and smaller teams from the Schools of Geosciences and Chemistry also looked at practices within their own areas.

Read about the project and download the report