Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Go zero carbon by 2040

Join the drive for the University to become Zero by 2040. Learn energy saving tips, become an energy coordinator, apply for the sustainable campus fund and more.

Find out more about Zero by 2040 Find out what students can do

Apply for the Sustainable Campus Fund

Sustainable campus fund graphic - sustainable technologies  coming out of a box labelled 'Sustainable Campus Fund'
Do you have an idea for a sustainable project at the University? The Sustainable Campus Fund is a real opportunity for anyone in the University to propose projects that could reduce the University’s impact on the environment.

Save energy at work

Find out how you can save energy by taking small, easy actions throughout your work day.

Become an Energy Coordinator

Energy Coordinators icon - a shining lightbulb
Take on a more formal role in promoting energy reduction in your school or unit.

Travel sustainably

Practically all modes of travel apart from walking and cycling depend on fossil fuels, meaning that the way we choose to travel can have a big impact on the environment.