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Warp It is the University's internal reuse network, an online platform similar to eBay that allows staff and PhD students within our organisation to redistribute surplus goods.

What is Warp It?

Warp It is open to all staff (including researchers) and aims to find a new home within the University for redundant equipment. It provides a means for the equipment to be advertised and exchanged or sold between departments - whilst remaining within the University ownership.

The kinds of items you might find on Warp It are toner cartridges, stationery, electrical equipment and much more. 

Interested in reusing a PC? Find out how.

What are the benefits of using Warp It?

  • Warp It is free and easy to use and is much easier than buying new
  • It helps extend the use of materials that previously would go to waste
  • It helps free up space in your workplace
  • It helps us measure and trace reuse better, which helps us reach our targets
  • You will save money, carbon emissions and waste, making the University more environmentally friendly

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Show off your Warp It finds

Help spread the word about Warp It by telling your colleagues about your finds. We've made some stickers you can put on your Warp It items to tell everyone where they came from! Email us to request the stickers.


Can I claim items for personal use?

We whole-heartedly encourage you to reuse  in your personal life.  There are many ways to do this as a consumer e.g. buying secondhand or preloved goods or selling your own.  There are also many established routes to do this - such as via eBay, Freegle or GumTree.  Warp It is specifically for the exchange within of goods owned by the University.


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