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Consultation now open to update business travel guidance

The existing guidance for business travel is being reviewed and staff are invited to input their thoughts.

In the Strategic Plan 2012–16, the University committed itself to “facilitating sustainable and active travel between the different parts of our dispersed estate and promoting more sustainable modes of business travel”. We are currently reviewing the existing guidance for business travel and welcome input from all colleagues on what should be included in the University's revised business travel guidance.

Colleagues consulted so far have asked for:

  • Simplified risk assessment and insurance process that will apply to all international travel.
  • Holistic approach to costing travel – rather than comparing ticket prices, whole cost to be taken into account (e.g. inclusion of airport transfer costs or additional accommodation to achieve more in a course of a single journey).
  • Addressing sustainability in business travel. There is a number of approaches proposed: promotion of more sustainable travel options, improving value of travel and reducing amount of business travel by expanding the use of digital collaborative tools (e.g. videoconferencing).  
  • Review of guidance when different classes of transport are allowed. There are different views of how to balance business needs with the appropriateness of higher class travel.


If you would like to comment on any of these suggestions or would like to share your own ideas, please email Chris Litwiniuk.


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Chris Litwiniuk

Projects Coordinator

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  • Chris joined us from the Waste team, where he undertook data analysis and helped to improve processes. He currently works on sustainable travel and resource efficiency projects.