Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Social Responsibility and Sustainability Committee

SRS Committee was established to advise Central Management Group on how the University might differentiate itself as a leader in Social Responsibility and Sustainability (SRS) and take action to maximize its reputation and impact in this area.


  1. Provide the necessary drive, leadership and focus in order to promote social responsibility and sustainability within the University of Edinburgh and the Further and Higher Education sector
  2. To promote and encourage the delivery of an outstanding educational portfolio on SRS issues and support Scottish Government policy and student desires for action in this area
  3. To advise CMG on the opportunities for enhancing the University's research contribution to SRS issues and build consensus on priority areas to explore
  4. To provide advice and input to the responsible investment policy on issues of concern and on opportunities going forward, to discussion of avoiding investment in particular activities, and to input to the SRS aspects of the appointment of investment managers where relevent
  5. To establish a recognisable and consistent approach to the strategic management and reporting of all SRS impacts, e.g. through the Global Reporting Initiative and the UN Principles of Responsible Investment
  6. To promote practical research and development on issues of sustainability (in terms of human capital and in terms of techniques and technologies) to meet the needs of the University, those of the City of Edinburgh and of the wider Scottish and international stakeholders
  7. To receive reports on progress in sustainability practices from Estates and Buildings, Procurement and others and advise CMG on the resources and methods to achieve continual improvement of the University's social and environmental performance beyond compliance towards sustainability.

Through these measures to contribute to well-being in the University community, in people in Scotland and globally through academic knowledge exchange and promotion of good citizenship and through the responsible stewardship of the University's own undertakings.


Charlie Jeffery (Convenor), Senior Vice Principal

Lesley McAra (Vice Convenor), Assistant Principal Community Relations

Karen Bowman/George Sked, Director of Procurement

Michelle Brown, Head of SRS Programmes

Laura Cattell, Head of Widening Participation

Gavin Douglas, Deputy Secretary Student Experience, USG

Hugh Edmiston, Director of Corporate Services

Moira Gibson, Head of External Affairs, Communications & Marketing

Dave Gorman, Director of Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Pete Higgins, Dean of Students, CHSS

Gary Jebb, Director of Estates

Jenna Kelly, EUSA Vice President Services

Zoe Lewandowski, Director of Human Resources

Lesley McAra, Assistant Principal Community Relations

Phil McNaull, Director of Finance

Jane Norman, Vice Principal, People and Culture

Janet Philp, Joint Unions Liaison Committee

Heather Rea, Project Lead, Beltane Public Engagement Network

James Smith, Vice Principal International

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