Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Sustainability Operations Advisory Group (SOAG)

The group was established to deliver all operational aspects of the University's Sustainability action plans and programmes, seeking to continuously improve the environmental performance of all operational areas of the University.


To deliver all operational aspects of the University's Sustainability action plans and programmes, seeking to continuously improve the environmental performance of all operational areas of the University.

The group advises SRS Committee, where required, and prepares policy and programme recommendations designed to continually improve the University's leadership in demonstrating social responsibility and sustainability in operations. The group assesses progress and reports on the implementation of policy and strategy in major operational areas related to social responsibility and sustainability. The group aims to ensure that the commitments and approach as set out in the University Social Responsibility and Sustainability Strategy, in relation to services and infrastructure, are embedded appropriately within all operational activities of the University.

1. Direct the devolution of utility budgets (electricity, gas, oil and water etc) and costs, and resolve the policy and practical issues that arise on implementation

2. Evaluate and monitor implementation of measures for energy conservation, energy efficiency, renewable energy supply and development and implementation of University carbon reduction plans

3. Monitor implementation of guidelines and standards for sustainability in new building construction, refurbishments, ongoing building operation and maintenance, and building materials recovery

4. Explore, evaluate and monitor implementation of measures to enhance the sustainability of University purchasing and supply management practices

5. Work across the University to identify and implement opportunities to promote sustainable Information Technology

6. Oversee Waste Minimisation and recycling from campus activity and encourage repair, reuse and recycling ahead of the responsible disposal of surplus materials and to include the issue of biodiversity and composting

7. Explore, evaluate and monitor the implementation of measures to reduce the environmental impact of university-owned private/commercial vehicles and business travel by University staff via the promotion of alternative modes of communication

8. Explore and evaluate options for funding the advancement of sustainability in University operations

9. Explore, evaluate and monitor implementation of measures for communicating information on the Sustainable Operations initiatives, establishing relationships with internal and external stakeholders and creating a culture of sustainability in operational activities

10. Benchmark the Universitys social responsibility and sustainability initiatives and monitor progress towards a more sustainable campus against other relevant organisations

11. Conduct reviews of relevant University management performance standards and operations against internal sustainability targets and best practice standards

12. Make the results of social, environmental and sustainability audits and impact assessments carried out by or for the University available to stakeholders.


Hugh Edmiston, (Convenor), Director of Corporate Services

Michelle Brown, Head of SRS Programmes

Rab Calder, Energy & Utilities Manager

Michelle Christian, Senior Accommodation Manager, Accommodation Services

Grant Ferguson, Head of Estates Operations

Kate Fitzpatrick, Waste & Recycling Manager

Dave Gorman, Director of Social Responsibility & Sustainability

Sarah Gormley, Business Manager & Deputy Head of IS Planning

Andrew Haddon, Head of Estates Finance

Lee Hamill, Deputy Director of Finance

David Jack, Energy Manager

Jenna Kelly, EUSA Vice President Services

Andrew Kerr, Director of Edinburgh Centre on Carbon Innovation

Sandra Kinnear, Health, Safety and Sustainability Advisor, ACE Property

Brian McTeir, Roslin Campus Facilities & Services Manager

Candice Schmid, Health and Safety Adviser

George Sked, Assistant Director of Procurement

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