Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Sustainable laboratories

Laboratories are critical sites for the University mission of creating knowledge and enhancing our position as one of the world’s leading research universities, making a sustainable contribution to Scotland, the UK and the world.

Laboratories have a large carbon and environmental footprint, with especially high energy consumption as well as use of finite materials and production of hazardous waste. To improve sustainability there is a need for working across departments in order to have the greatest impact.  

A researcher uses a microscope in a laboratory

Laboratories are important sites for influencing the attitudes and behaviour of the staff and students who work and study in them, as behaviour changes can have substantial impacts in the short term and may be adopted as standard practice in future years.  

In 2013, with support from the UK-wide S-Lab project, the Department set up a pilot programme to deliver an Environmental Assessment Framework programme for laboratories and provide support to technical and research staff for promoting and implementing efficient practices within University laboratories. 

We are building on this work together with colleagues around the University. 

Making your laboratory more sustainable

Learn more about how you can make your laboratory more sustainable.

Making your laboratory more sustainable